Thursday, September 25, 2014

August and Olivia

Character Grid Organiser
Physical Appearance
Personal Characteristics
munched  up face
he is  a cool boy
she kute
she cool

This is August he is cool he likes star wars and he rads star wars. he goes to beacherprep. When he first started he was shy and he has one friend named summer they were best friends.

This is olivia her brother is August she goes to same school as August. she looks after him they are peat brother and sister. she is 13 and August is 10   

Friday, August 01, 2014

My dad

Wow, look at him go he just saved the team! Hand fives all round we are the under deferred champions. When he was in the shower he made everyone laugh because my dad, he was telling muma jokes.  your mother is so tall that  whenever they see you they say  you are  mount everest.My dad is a good cook and he gets lots of money.

Every time I hear my dad screaming at me to clean up the mess. All the mess that the borders left for me to clean up.  When I annoy my dad he tells me to go to my room and stay there for 11mins.

Standing in the hot steam, pans sizzling in his face, hes getting angry and swears his head off.  Frustrated, he slams down the pots and  he smashes the pots together. Then he goes and has a smoke outside.

Everyday my dad spends his time at work doing his business.  Like bookings, selling tickets for the big girls for $70. He go and cleans up the restaurant then he get the recycling then he comes home.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Duck Shooting

Have you been inside a ditch waiting for ducks to come along?  My cold ice face lying in brown dirty mud.  Waiting for ducks to land on the ground on Saturday morning.  It was at waimarama to kill some  ducks.  I was about to fire at a parri when a goose came along and tried to bite me.
Finally I got my gun its my chance to get my first duck boom I got the duck right in the head. I had to go and get the duck.Well I got ready to fire so I took of the safety and shot.We shot the duck because we want their breasts.

So Paul  got the gun then shoot 7 ducks then we went and got the sack. To put the ducks so we put the ducks in one by one.We put the ducks into the bout.

The exciting  thing was me getting my first duck. Then next time we go I want to get 4 ducks and bet one duck.That was my best time ever.

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

lucky numbers

main character
other character
the giant stolen something from jack

Once upon a time there were two people named Jack and the Giant, who lived in their castles.  But something went wrong, the Giant  stole a golden egg from Jack. Jack got really mad so they started to fight. The giant stormed off with Jack’s golden egg.  Then the Giant came running back to Jack and came to say sorry for stealing your golden egg. Jack said it is ok.
But suddenly there were the three little evil pigs and they had flaming ears and evil red eyes. The giant and Jack got their  flaming sword and they battled the three evil pigs. They had a sharp stick each and they charged and then the giant just stepped  on the pigs and that was the end of their life.

Jack hopped on the giant’s back and entered the forest to look for some food  and saw a person who was  on a horse.  He was a knight with long hair and he was wearing shiny golden armour.  Jack said “can we follow you?” the knight said “ok you can, but you can't follow me all the way”. Jack said  “Ok.”

But then the big bad wolf came. Jack went on the giants back and the giant ran for their life. Then Jack yelled to the giant “go and kill the big bad wolf!”.  So the Giant sprinted towards the wolf  and squashed it.

Then they saw a house in the middle of the forest at a clearing. The sun was shining on the smoke coming out of the chimney. Jack knocked on the door and an old lady said “ What do you want?” “We just want something to eat for the road so we don't  starve.”  “ok, you can have some candy.”Thank You!” said the Giant.

Then they headed off.  Then the saw  donald the duck in this pond having his bath. Jack asked “are you having a nice bath there?” donald the duck said “yes i am”.  Then giant and Jack went to their castle and they lived happily ever after.